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Smart license your visual digital content

Via multiple channels around the globe on your rules using blockchain technology
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IPStock blockchain is a brand-new way of licensing visual digital content without the need for traditional agencies and marketplaces, as well as a means to store transactions history and royalties data in a transparent and unalterable way

Upload, store
and manage

Setup your
licensing rules

Distribute and
earn royalties

How it works


Every artwork is registered in a digital decentralized ledger which securely holds available license options, verify and confirm licensing transactions and royalties

Single key

Only copyright holder using their crypto key could define rules and prices how content could be licensed and has access to his creative portfolio


Unique technology (our know-how) created by IPStock to sell exclusive and non-exclusive licenses via multiple channels around the globe and track its usage

Smartlicense technology:
Digital copyright protection
Automatic usage tracking
Royalties distribution

Direct sales or distribution via various marketplaces on the rules setup by copyright holder

Exclusive and semi-exclusive licenses configurable by region, industry and duration

Guaranteed royalties level and transparent licensing history regardless sales channel

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